SKITTLES Recipe Ideas! Cakes, Sprinkles & More…

This week it’s all about SKITTLES! You know – those sweet colourful little chewy candies that almost make you run straight for the dentist’s chair, but somehow you just can’t stop eating the darn things.


I had lots of requests for something Skittles related so I teamed up with one of my favourite YouTube channels to bring you guys an awesome Skittles cake recipe & cake decoration idea.

I created the design and opted for a simple kit kat cake with a gravity defying Rainbow illusion effect and carefully positioned Skittles to create a flowing rainbow across the top of the cake.

skittles-rainbow-cake-blog 1

I’m a bit in love with how it turned out, and also how easy it is to replicate!

Click HERE to see how I created the Skittles design.

Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio (who also has a blog if you want to check it out) was so creative and made a Skittles POKE Cake recipe, with Skittles flavoured buttercream frosting. Genius!


The poke effect creates a rainbow look inside the cake, which helps with the whole “Taste the Rainbow” motto of Skittles, and carries the decoration right the way through the cake.

And it’s not too sweet as she’s tempered it with a beautiful vanilla cam recipe, so the Skittles flavour is there but its not too overpowering.

Click HERE to view the full Skittles cake recipe

In the midst of all that, I discovered you can actually make your own Skittles SPRINKLES! Mind…Blown…


They taste exactly like Skittles but look just like sprinkles or sanding sugar – who knew?? Its totally simple and the only ingredients you need are Skittles and some food colouring (which is optional) along with a low oven and some drying time.

And finally, to complete “Skittles Week” Jenn also loaded a Skittles cupcake recipe on her YouTube channel. So when it comes to Skittles, we truly have all your bases covered!

Enjoy your Skittles, any which way (and say Hi to the dentist for me!)

xx Elise

Elise Strachan - My Cupcake Addiction

Cooking with Kids! Giant Choc Chip Cookie PIZZA!

giant cookie pizza

I lOVE to get in the kitchen with my 3 year old son Oliver, especially now he’s a little more ‘able’ and a little less of a total disaster when it comes to mess and spilling things.

Although those messy cooks are still some of the funniest memories I have (especially the time he pulled out a plastic hammer and started pummelling our cookie dough!) it’s nice to be able to up the ante a little on the sort of things we can create together.

Being blessed with 2 gorgeous boys, I was seriously hoping at least one of them would want to bake with me!

This week I decided to film one of our little cooking escapades – Ollie sees me cooking and recording videos for my YouTube channel all the time so he’s picked up quite a few tips along the way and for a 3 year old, I think he’s a natural!

kids baking recipes

In this episode of “Cooking with Squish” (his affectionate nickname) we tackled our first Giant Cookie Pizza. Ollie loves cookies and cookie dough and this was an exciting project for him. A giant cookie covered in candy – What kid wouldn’t be excited to try?

You can click the video below to view our cooking adventure in full, and you can read on to catch the recipe and method for the cookie dough. Pizza or no pizza, this is hands down my favourite cookie recipe of all time!

Here are the things you’ll need to make your own cookie pizza!

Tools & Equipment:

  • Offset spatula
  • Baking tray lined with greaseproof / baking paper
  • Electric mixer
  • Spoon
  • Wooden spoon
  • Sharp knife (to serve)


  • 115g / 4oz Caster (fine) sugar
  • 115g / 4oz Brown sugar
  • 150g / 5oz Butter (I used salted butter but you can use unsalted and add a pinch of salt to this recipe)
  • 315g / 11oz Plain flour, sifted
  • 150g / 5oz Dark chocolate pieces, cut into chunks
  • 150g / 5oz Milk chocolate chips
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 xl egg
  • Nutella (if you have a nut allergy you can also use ganache or frosting)
  • Mini m&m/s
  • Mini Oreo cookies
  • Mini marshmallows

*Note: We like a LOT of chocolate in our cookies so you can reduce this to as little as 50g of each chocolate without altering the rest of the recipe.

cooking with kids

To make your delicious cookies:

  • Preheat your (fan forced ) oven to 175 degrees celcius (350 farenheit)
  • Place your butter, vanilla, brown sugar and white sugar into your mixing bowl and cream together (approx 3 minutes)
  • Add your egg and mix to combine (approx 30 seconds)
  • Add half the sifted flour and stir with a wooden spoon until incorporated
  • Add the other half of the flour and continue stirring. The mixture will look dry and crumbly, but you shouldn’t be able to see any white flour
  • Turn your mixture out onto the bench and knead with your hands until it forms a soft, smooth cookie dough (approx 5 minutes)
  • Take your chocolate in handfuls and squash it into your dough, kneading it in so it’s evenly distributed
  • Place the dough on to a baking tray lined with baking (greaseproof) paper and press the dough out to form a pizza base shape. Tip: Make sure the dough is evenly pressed out on the tray so it cooks evenly
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes until the edges just start to turn golden brown
  • Remove and allow to cool slightly. You can decorate and eat this “pizza” while its warm, which makes it even more delicious!
  • Once slightly cooled, use your offset spatula to apply Nutella generously to the top of your pizza base, leaving the edges bare to resemble pizza crust.
  • Apply your mini Oreos, mimi m&m’s and mini marshmallows as desired and serve!

chocolate chip cookie pizza

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life in the kitchen and what it means to be a “Cupcake Addiction” kid.

Whether you bake with your friends, family or fly solo, this cookie pizza recipe is simply amazing!

xx Elise

Elise Strachan - My Cupcake Addiction

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skylanders 6

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