Sweet Stylings: Back to School Party

Back to school is an exciting time for parents and kids alike. Whether kids like school or not, the first week back is exciting. New clothes, new backpacks, and catching up with old friends! For parents, it means we have a little peace and quiet after a crazy summer! What better way to celebrate a new school year starting than by hosting your very own back to school party?!

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  • For today’s Sweet Styling DIY, I’m going to be making apple mason jars! These will be great favors for the kids to take home, or you can use them as decor for the table and fill them with candy. Or both! Why not? This could also be a fun way to get your kids involved with crafting and decorating for the party.

    apple mason jars

    You’ll Need:

  • Short, stumpy mason jars
  • Water based paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Green construction paper
  • Wooden cupboard handle
    Gorilla glue/hot glue
  1. Use a paintbrush to paint the glass part of the mason jar red, and the lid of the mason jar green.

    mason jars
  2. Cut out a leaf shape from the green construction paper using a pair of scissors.
  3. Glue the leaf down to the lid of the mason jar, then place the wooden cupboard handle right over it.

    apple mason jar final

And sticking to the theme of apples, we’re going to be making delicious apple cupcakes. Any teacher would be excited to receive an apple on the first day of school if it were this kind of apple!

apple cupcakes

You’ll Need:

  • Baked red velvet cupcakes
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Sanding sugar
  • Pretzel
  • Mint leaf
  1. Pipe the cream cheese frosting directly onto your red velvet cupcake.

    apple cupcake 1
  2. Dip the top of your cupcake into red sanding sugar. Use your hand to flatten out the top of the cupcake.

    apple sanding sugar
  3. Stick half a pretzel stick and fresh mint into the top center of your cupcake.

    apple cupcake final

The color scheme of this party is yellow, black, and red: the quintessential back to school colors. Some fun ways to bring those yellow colors to the table are to print some yellow ruler templates, and tape them over candy bars!
ruler candy

Or with push pop pencils! You can fill these with cake, or candy. Whatever!

push pops

Then, you can wrap the push pops in a pencil template. It’s the feeling of back to school, but so much sweeter!

pencil push pop

The main decorative element is this three tier cake stand with back to school items! The tiers feature boxes of crayons, glue, and colored pencils. It’s visually very unique, and colorful. I promise you all moms will be happy to go home with some extra school supplies instead of extra candy!

decorative cake stand

The chalkboard display opens up a huge opportunity for fun and creativity. It also ties in the back to school feeling best. Leave some pieces of chalk around and see what’s on your board later 🙂


A way to add color to the display is with varying sized jars filled with red candy. You can also go the health route and fill a long glass jar with apples (I know I did!).

And a final decorative tip to really tie the whole theme together are with apple balloons. They’re simple, but simply cute!

You’ll Need:

  • Red helium balloons
    Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  1. Fill red balloons with helium.
  2. Cut out a leaf on a green piece of construction paper.

  3. Tape the leaf to the top of the balloon.

    balloon final

    And, of course, I styled this all on a metal desk. It feels just like school again!


Go ahead and throw your very own back to school themed party! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this party has tons of them!

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