5 Minute Chocolate MUG Cakes!

I’ve never made Mug-Cakes on my YouTube channel before, and now that I’ve started playing with them I have no idea why! These little single serve delights are unbelievably easy, have very little mess and are delicious!

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So, with just a couple of days until Valentine’s Day, I bring you the 5 minute Mug-Cake for Two (or just one really big one!)

If you want to see this recipe being made live, you can view the YouTube video HERE at any time, otherwise read on below for everything you need to know.

This ultimate Cup-Cake is super easy to make and serve and perfect for cosy nights in front of the TV when you’re too lazy to cook a whole dessert. Let’s call it “Emergency Dessert”


To make these decadent delights, you’ll need the following things:


1 x Bowl
2 x Microwave safe mugs
1 x Spoon
Plastic wrap


4 tbsp plain flour
4 tbsp fine (caster) sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
3 tbsp whole milk
3 tbsp oil (vegetable or canola are good, but any will do)
1 splash vanilla essence or extract (approx half a tsp)
1tsp butter or margarine (optional)
3tbsp chocolate chips (optional)


1/ Combine all ingredients together in your bowl (I prefer to mix in the bowl than in the mugs so I get even ingredients quantities in each, and because it looks neater for serving)

2/ Mix with your spoon or spatula until well combined

3/ Pour an even amount of mixture into each mug

4/ Cover each mug with some plastic wrap

5/ Cook on High (1000w microwave) for 1 – 1.5 minutes each. Cook each mug separately and remember they will continue to cook a touch more on standing, so I found 1 minute perfect for my mug-cakes. Touch the centre and if it’s firm then your cakes are done. Try not to overcook these or they will go rubbery (the perils of the microwave!)

6/ Serve with a generous dollop of ice cream or whipped cream and maybe some chocolate sauce!

7/ Enjoy the sounds of delight form whoever you’ve decided to share your second mug with.


Remember, these are microwave mug cakes – they are not designed to replace that light fluffy texture of a scratch baked, oven cooked cake or batch of cupcakes. The consistency is more like a mud cake, quite dense and deliciously rich.

I needed the ice cream to break up the rich flavour, as well as to cool my steaming mug cake down but all in all, this recipe is delicious. You can eliminate the chocolate chips and butter if you don’t have them on hand, and the result will be the same just not as rich in flavour.


Now that my ‘5 minute Mug” obsession has started, with new recipes are being “tested” in my kitchen daily, you can expect to see more Mug-creations from me in the future,

Brownies? Cookies? Pie? Lets see what else we can whip up using the microwave and a mug, in under 5 minutes


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this recipe, and your results re-creating this at home. Leave me a comment and let me know if you loved it, loathed it or have a request for another “mug-creation” for me to try.

xx Elise


26 thoughts on “5 Minute Chocolate MUG Cakes!

  1. Being a high school student (and the only baker in the family!), I often don’t have the time to make a whole batch of cookies/cake/etc. I made this for my chocoholic dad and myself, and WOW! This is delicious! One quick tip: 4 tbsps= 1/4 cup. THANK YOU ELISE!

  2. Is there a recipe for vanilla cake ? Like what if you wanted vanilla do you change or just switch out thing s?

    1. I haven’t tried one yet Elaine – To be honest, vanilla cakes are hard to perfect when they are fresh from the oven, let alone a microwave version but I will do some research and let you know how I go 🙂
      xx Elise

  3. I like this a lot! I’ve made these chocolate mug cups in the past and love them. Is there a vanilla counterpart? And where did you get heart shaped measuring cups???

  4. I love your creativity and passion for baking you are my idol and make me want to bake my heart out.

    Kiara morel

    1. Thanks so much Kiara! I’m so glad I can inspire you to bake – its such a fun hobby and everyone always loves to be around people who make cake – lol.
      I hope I can continue to inspire your baked creations! xx Elise

  5. Hi Elise,

    I love your Tutorials and all your tips! I wish I could bake as much as you do!
    I was curious as to where you get your cupcake cases from? and the size?

    thanks so much,

  6. I love all your cup cakes and cakes they look so cute and delicious! After I saw this video I thought about making it for my mom and her boyfriend as a little surprise. I haven’t done it yet but I hope they like it. Keep going and never stop making delicious cakes!

  7. This is such a good idea! I am 12 years old and I’m the only one who knows how to use an oven in the family (haha) and I am definitely going to try this! My whole family loves anything chocolatey, so I might make two batches. Thank you so much from HK!

  8. I made this for my little sister about 20 minute earlier and now she wants a cupcake in a mug… Well actually, its not a bad idea… The Mug Cake was absolutely delicious(for a microwaved dessert) and I can’t wait for more! 🙂

  9. Dear Elise
    I’m a French woman and I’m waiting for your recipes every weeks. You’re fantastic with news and amazing ideas whose surprise me every time. Sorry for my English. Thank youuuuu!
    Merci pour toutes ces recettes toutes plus surprenantes les unes que les autres et surtout simples à réaliser grace à vos explications. Bravo aussi à vos deux petites nièces qui sont sur la lancée de leur tante. 👏

  10. i cant be able to make it my microwave is 1050 watts and i microvawed it for 1 min and the second one for 30 seconds but they didnt work out please help me

  11. I am only 13 and Ive the baker in the family and being only 13 there are something that I cant do alone and I have school and clubs and stuff so no time for baking but with this i made a really good dessert for my family really quickly AND i got to gymnastics on time

  12. I watched this last night on YouTube and tonight I had a craving so I looked in cupboards for the ingredients and I had them all, so I made it!!

    OMG!! So amazing!! Will definitely have to remember this!!

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