Disney’s FROZEN – Who knew it would be so Popular?

A lot of the cakes and cupcakes I create on my YouTube Channel come from subscriber requests – if enough people ask me to make something, I’ll make it every time. I love how interactive the Youtube community is, and that you can offer the option for viewers to actually dictate what they want to see in the next episodes – it’s interactive TV!

I must have had close to 2 thousand requests for something cake-related from the FROZEN movie.  I hadn’t seen the movie which was released this past boxing day (I hear there’s a LOT of singing!) but my nieces have and they loved it – with the amount of requests I’d been getting through it was time to educate myself on the latest princesses from Disney.

I’m not going to lie – it was HARD to come up with a concept that would do these characters justice. Licensed characters are always hard to replicate – kids have a keen eye and a very specific expectation of what their favourite character should look like. If you position Peppa Pigs eyes too low, or don’t bring Dora’s bangs down over her face enough the whole look is ruined and believe me, the 3 year old at the party will let you know all about it.

This is what I came up with – click the Play button to see the full video, or keep reading below.

I decided to use printable templates (which you can download here: http://on.fb.me/M0SpPs and here: http://on.fb.me/1bliNsG) to make sure the characters were true to form, and had the closest resemblance to their movie counterparts.


Cake Pops were my first choice and I decided to shape them in different ways to resemble skirts, boulders, snowman bodies and icebergs – something a little bit different that would match with standout scenes that each of the characters were involved in.


Rather than gathering 6 different colours of candy melts (they are EXPENSIVE in Australia!) I decided to dip all the pops in white chocolate, then lustre dust them in the colours I needed. Granted lustre dust is also not the cheapest, but I’ll now have those colours in my decorating kit for the next few years as I only used a little of each colour for these pops.


I love the shimmery “frozen” effect the lustre dust gives, making everything glitter like a winter wonderland. I also love that I didn’t need 6 containers with 6 different colours of dipping melts for these cake pops – less mess and less washing up!


These cake pops can be made 2 days in advance and stored at room temperature. I don’t recommend refrigerating them unless you live somewhere really really hot – the fridge will add moisture which will cause your lustre to smear.


If you want to see full details of how these were made, check out the video HERE – have a go – they’re much easier than they look!

xxx Elise

41 thoughts on “Disney’s FROZEN – Who knew it would be so Popular?

  1. I would like the ebook or the cake decorating classes what ever one is available for me you are my inspiration for cake decorating and every thing cookies cupcake and cakepop

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  5. Helloo!! Super excited me and my daughter (3yrs old) constantly watch you on youtube. She knows the sound of your voice so as soon as she hears the cupcake pop on the intro n you start she drops what she is doing to come and watch. We would love anything you could give us especially tugged book would be very nice. Have a blessed day!

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    Thank you

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  14. Hi

    These are amazing, could you tell me which lustre dusts you used and which colours, so I don’t buy the wrong ones!


  15. hey Elise
    I love your videos! including my 3 year old sister! the way I got introduced to your videos is that I was watching nerdy nummies and then I found a related video by you called how to make fondant then I started watching your videos everyday.

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