The Ultimate SKYLANDERS SWAP Force Party!

If you have kids (especially of the male variety) then there’s almost no way you’ve missed out on the Skylanders phenomenon that took the gaming world by storm a few years ago.

Skylanders came up with the worlds first interactive gaming portal which quite literally takes your child’s toys and inserts them directly into the video game they’re playing.

The latest instalment of the game is the Skylanders SWAP Force edition, where you can take your characters and split their top halves from their bottom, swapping and interchanging them to combine powers and create whole new characters – 16 main Skylanders become over 250 unique combinations (which means less toys to buy and more bang for your buck!)

skylanders 5

It’s no wonder I’ve been getting a ton of requests for Skylanders themed tutorials on my YouTube channel, so I decided to create a Skylanders SWAP Force ENTIRE PARTY for you guys to re-create at home.

It’s one of the most popular children’s toys and one of the most popular theme requests for kids parties, so why stop at just one cake – lets party plan the whole event 🙂


To start with, I created a Light-up (yes LIGHT-UP, as in flashing & glowing!) Portal of Power cake.

I filmed the process and turned it into this simple and easy to follow video tutorial, so you can recreate the cake at home. Just wait till you light it up and see the faces of your guests!

skylanders 4

I went with an actual Skylanders toy for the top of my portal cake as it saved a lot of time, and is far more accurate than a sugar crafted replica would be.

I used a Limited Edition Skylanders SWAP Force character called Springtime Trigger Happy. I chose him just because he’s super cute but he’s only available during the Easter / Spring season (2014) so if your little Skylanders fan wants this particular toy, you’ll need to grab it quickly before they run out.

Otherwise there are a TON of characters to chose from and if you do a bit of snooping, it won’t take long to figure out which one is your child’s favourite.

skylanders 2

Next I decided to make some of the Skylanders SWAP Force ‘Elements’ in cupcake form – they feature heavily throughout the game and any Skylanders fan will know exactly what they’re all about.

Once again, I created a simple instructional video HERE if you’d like to see how these were made so you can recreate them at home.

These toppers can be made several days in advance saving you time on the day of the party, which is always a bonus with excited kids running underfoot.


Finally, I’m able to share an exclusive Skylanders SWAP Force Printable Party Pack with you all, absolutely FREE! All you need to do is download the PDF HERE, print it at home and follow the instructions to piece together the party pack components.

There are Skylanders straw flags (because  whats a straw without a themed flag right?), Skylanders water bottle labels, Skylanders party hats, Skylanders cupcake wrappers, Skylanders treat bag toppers and a super cute Skylanders “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” bunting flag.


I love how much these printables add to a party theme – simple jelly beans become Skylanders jelly beans, basic water becomes Skylanders water and it makes the party look so much more cohesive with so little additional effort.


If you want to know where to find any of the Skylanders SWAP Force components, including the gaming Starter Pack, Limited Edition characters and lots more, head to to find out where your nearest retailer is located.

I’ll also be giving away some of the Limited Edition toys in my Monthly Wrap for April (April 30, 2014) so make sure you tune in if you want to win a free Limited Edition Skylanders character!

skylanders 7

I hope you find my Skylanders videos, along with this post and the amazing free Skylanders printables make your next Skylanders SWAP Force event a little easier to plan!

xx Elise

Elise Strachan - My Cupcake Addiction



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