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42 thoughts on “About

  1. I love 💓 your YouTube channel. Thank you for all the cute/wonderful ideas and short cuts that you provide. I would love the modeling tools or your cake video. Thanks for making your channel fun to learn and watch. 😊🎂

  2. I really would like the cupcake thing because it love baking just by watching your videos so I would like to get it please and I hope I get a shout out from you and get it from you. Your fan love you Mycupcakeaddiction

  3. Hello elize from Texas love your videos they have helped me out at all sorts of family party’s from bbyshowers birthdays anniversaries…keep doing what your doing you explain everything with ease…

  4. Hey Elise I’m pretty sure I’ve watched ALL of your videos! I’m a 14 year old budding baker and would either like the giant cupcake mould or the cupcake tutorial thing (sorry I forgot the name! :/) anyway it would mean the WORLD to me if you picked me! I live the UK (heads up)

  5. I would really like the giant cupcake mold.I have always been watching your videos and the very first I saw was the rainbow inside cake pop.Love your channel .

  6. Thank you so much! You are really generous for giving away all this really cool stuff! I would LOVE the silicone jumbo cupcake mold!

  7. I Love all your ideas for the giant cupcake, and in saying that I would Love to win one so I can try out some of your creations.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  8. Hey Elise,
    I would love to win the giant cupcake mold but I don’t know how this website works so I don’t know how to follow you but I would love to find out how hahaha anyway thanks and I love your channel !!!!

    Jesse Barden😃❤️🙏

  9. I would love to win the big cupcake mold. I love ur work and am and my kids have tried loads of ur cakes

  10. Oh i am originally from morocco, living in germany and watching videos from australia – that’s international 😉
    I love watching your videos. So cute and nice ideas. I already tried a lot and my family and friend were amazed. And thats because of your help and inspirations. So thank you so much for sharing all your knowlledge and wonderfull creations with us. I hope there will follow so much more ;-* thank you so much my dear.

  11. Hi Elise!
    Its great watching you teach easy cupcake tutorials. I am 18 yrs old and your videos have helped me alot to develop my own home based cupcake business. You are an inspiration. I would love to get your e book or the paint and sculpt shapers. It will really be useful for me.
    Thanks alot!
    Would love to watch more videos and if possible try showing how to make vegan fondant!

  12. Hey Elise,
    I would love to win the cup cake tutorial please. I’m not sure if I’m following the blog because I can’t find where you do that but if you let me know I definitely will follow. I love all your YouTube videos


  13. You are amazing I’ve always wanted to meet you and I’ve asked my mom so many times to do your stuff I’ve seen all episodes!!

  14. Hi! I really enjoy watching your videos on YouTube, and I’ve learned so much! It would be really cool to have the giant cupcake mold, but having your cookbook would be awesome too! 🙂

  15. I would love any of the things listed! They are all great! I absolutely love your YouTube channel I watch it pretty much everyday!

  16. I Would really love the tickets to the cake, bake and sweets show kit the cupcake kit or the sculpting kit

  17. I love your channel on youtube. Its truly inspiring to be honest. It gives me new ideas and I appreciate that. Thank you Elise!

    Giveaway choice: Giant Cupcake Mold

  18. I have started baking in the past year. I have always had an interest in it but never had the time until after my youngest child was born. I am so glad I have started watching your videos. You are so talented.

  19. I love you and your videos. Cause they give me ideas and way to make a easy and amazing cupcakes and cakepops.
    I really really really want to meet you, but I live in NZ so it might be a bit differcult

  20. I love watching u on YouTube u inspire me to make all of those great tasting treats

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