Melting Lollipop Cake

I think it’s always important to let out your artistic and creative side! For me, that’s always through baking. For others, it’s through art! I stumbled upon a piece of art that I LOVED with the appropriate title, “Sweet Life,” by Elena Bulatova. The sculpture depicts a giant melting lollipop. Feeling artistically inspired, I decided to make this for you guys in cake form! For more artistic recipes, check out my Artist Paint Cake and Artist Paint Pallet Cupcakes.

For this recipe, you need sphere ball tins for the cakes to be circular, and to make the chocolate molds. You can find those here. You’ll need to bake my vanilla cake batter (split) in 2 ball tins and colour it red. You can find my vanilla cake recipe here.


  1. Bake your cake in the round cake ball tin and let it cool completely. Chill in the fridge.
  2. Carve the sides of your cake with a serrated edge knife, and set aside.
  3. Take your colored candy melts and coat the entire inside of the ball tin. Transfer to the fridge for 5 minutes to set. Do this for both ball tins.melts-lollipop
  4. Repeat the previous step and add a second coat of candy melts to each tin.
  5. Once set, add a thick coat of buttercream frosting to each candy shell.
  6. Slice the cake in half and place the bottom layer into the candy shell. Coat the bottom cake layer with frosting, and add the top half of the cake. Frost the entire top of the cake. Repeat with the other cake and candy shell.cake-lollipop
  7. Attach both halves together with more buttercream on the side and smoothen it out with a ruler.
  8. Pour about 1/2 cup of the orange candy melt on the board and spread with a spoon to make a melted effect.board-lollipop
  9. Place your lollipop on top of the melted chocolate and use a spoon/spatula to drag the melted chocolate from the board onto the shell of the lollipop before it sets.melt-lollipop
  10. Transfer the cake to the fridge to set.
  11. Sprinkle corn flour onto your bench and roll out your fondant and roll out a strip about 4 inches wide and 1 cm thick.fondant-lollipop
  12. Add more frosting to the gap on the cake. Smooth out the buttercream with a ruler.
  13. Brush water onto the shell where you will wrap your fondant around the gap. Then, wrap the fondant around the lollipop to cover up the seams. Trim any excess fondant as needed.
  14. Roll your white cardboard into a tube to resemble a lollipop stick. Secure with tape, and trim/cut if necessary. Wrap the end where the stick goes in with some plastic wrap. Secure with tape.plastic-lollipop
  15. Take your cookie cutter and place it in hot water. Handle with caution (it will be hot!) Dry it off completely. Then place it on top of the lollipop. Let it melt, spoon out the cake. Add a small amount of frosting and place the stick
  16. Cut and serve!final-lollipop

What You’ll Need:


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