Russian Piping Tips (Pointy)

Okay, so you guys have been going NUTS over these Russian Piping Tip videos! I asked if you guys wanted me to try the Pointy Russian Piping, so I’m going to review 7 of these piping tips, and show you some piping techniques. I’m not an expert with these piping tips, so we’ll go on this journey together! Click here to see my first Russian Piping Tips blog, and click here to see the Russian Ball Piping Tips.


Today I won’t be using a coupler, but make sure when you attach these tips to your piping bag to not cover any of the piping tip design!


A lot of these piping tips look great with two colours of frosting! Add them to your piping bag.


For some of these piping tips, I’ll be piping the tip more horizontally rather than pointed down towards the cupcake. When doing this, make sure your piping tip design is facing parallel to the cupcake.


Pointed Russian Piping Tip #1


This hook shaped piping tip created a nice ruffled effect by using a slight rocking motion while piping. It ruffled the outer edge, but also the inner circle. This is great for ruffling dresses or tutus.


I added a second layer, and added a template to make a ballerina tutu cupcake!


Pointed Russian Piping Tip #2


This one was similar to the first piping tip. I piped it without using a rocking motion, and it was a lot thinner than the previous piping tip.


This actually reminded me of a ruffled clown collar, so I thought I would add en emoji gumball, and transform it into a clown.


Pointed Russian Piping Tip #3


For this one I used two colours of frosting, and piped it more pointed than parallel.


This created an awesome dual coloured ruffled effect. Simple, and pretty! And it reminds me of watermelons.


Pointed Russian Piping Tips #4


I’m calling this one “The Wiggle Tip.” I wanted to try another piping tip with two colours, and I love the look!

I tried piping it parallel, and got a really cool dual coloured ruffle.


I tried overlapping them to try and cover up that center hole. It worked, and it looked great! If you wanted, you could add a bunch of frosting colours to achieve an amazing tie dye themed cupcake.


I also wanted to try piping it at a more pointed angle to see what these ruffles would look like. You definitely have to use a rocking motion for this one.


After working on the outside and making my way towards the center, you get this amazing cotton candy coloured ruffle effect. I preferred this technique more and thought it looked great with this colour combo! This was my fave piping tip for giving two beautiful and totally different styles.


Pointed Russian Piping Tip #5


This is similar to the previous tip, but it gave a much thinner & finner ruffle.


I layered this one three times and thought it would be cute as an epic Tinkerbell cupcake!


Pointed Russian Piping Tips #6


This is the claw…I hate it. It’s a total fail. I have nothing nice to say about it, I’m not a fan, and I’m moving on!


Pointed Russian Piping Tips #7


I wanted to experiment a little with this piping tip. I started off piping parallel to the cupcake. The ruffles were super textured, and reminded me of a flamenco dress!


I gave this one a few more layers! This one is approved!


I wanted to try another strategy where after piping on that first layer, I add a strawberry in the middle. Then, continue to pipe around it.


Now, you have a tall Princess Elsa cupcake! SO COOL!


If I had to get rid of two of these, it would be the hooked one and the claw….Definitely the worst of the bunch. I did enjoy these in general, though. I think they made for beautiful ruffled dresses and tutus. The cupcakes looked great, and I’d say this was a piping tip success…mostly!


What You’ll Need:

Cupcakes to frost
Buttercream Frosting

Pointed Russian Piping Tips
Disposable Piping Bags

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