Remote Control Truck Cake

Okay you guys, I think I finally made the most over the top cake yet. I know I say that about a ton of my recipes, but this one literally takes the cake (ha!). No seriously, this cake is MOBILE! You read that right. Today, I’m going to be showing you a fully mobile, battery operated Remote Control Truck Cake!  If you love trucks, check out my Monster Truck Cupcakes.

This cake can be somewhat tricky, but once it’s done it’s going to be a hit at any kid’s party! Imagine a cake wheeling down the table towards the birthday boy or girl and the excited look on their face! You have to try it!


  1. Make sure the base on toy truck is flat. Cover any holes with fondant.truckcake-fondantplacement
  2. Measure the toy truck base and cut the cake board.truckcake-cakeboard
  3. Cut the pound cake making sure it’s the right size.Find a remaining cake piece that is roughly the same size as the front of the truck.truckcake-caketrim
  4. Add remaining cake pieces to add height to the larger section of the cake.truckcake-cakeheight
  5. Cover the cakes with ganache and transfer to the fridge to chill. Repeat and add another layer. Smooth the sides and edges with a ruler.truckcake-ganachecoat
  6. Roll the white fondant and cover the cakes. Smooth out the fondant and pop any air bubbles (if present). Use a pizza cutter to cut excess fondant.truckcake-fondantcover
  7. Glue cake boards with melted candy melts to the truck, and then secure cakes on the board.


  8. Roll out more white fondant and cut about 8 strips that are 12 inches long and half an inch in width.
  9. Mix lemon juice/drops of vodka with the silver luster and brush onto the strips.truckcake-lustremix
  10. Once set, brush a little bit of water on the strip and carefully place on the edges of the truck Trim excess. truckstruckcake-fondantplacement
  11. Using the fondant. Make a small rectangle and paint using the food colors to make the license plate. Stick with a little bit of water.truckcake-licenseplate
  12. OPTIONAL: Customize by adding an edible sheet decor on the sides of the truck.truckcake-edibleimage

Is this officially the best thing in the world?! I think it is! 🚚

For the printable recipe click here:

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