Frosting Styles Using Russian Piping Tips

Russian piping tips have taken the baking world by storm! These awesome piping tips can help you achieve complex designs in an easy and efficient way!  I decided to buy some of these Russian Piping Tips and give them a try. Today, I’ll be showing you six from the set. Let me know if you want to see me try some of the other Russian Piping Tips!

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For this recipe, I recommend using bright and vibrant buttercream frosting. I would also recommend against store bought frosting. The store bought frosting doesn’t hold well and is waaaay too messy. Trust me, you’ll want to use my buttercream frosting! It’s perfect for piping.


I also would strongly recommend a leaf piping tip. It’s a piping tip that usually takes on a, “V,” shape. This help fill any empty gaps, and really bring to life the floral cupcakes.


I also used a knife to smear a rounded dome of green buttercream frosting to the tops of each cupcake. This adds some height and creates a base for each flower cupcake.


Rose Piping Tip 🌹


The rose piping tip is the most popular among the Russian Piping Tips. You can easily pipe a rose with one easy squeeze of a piping bag. The roses turn out best when they are short and stumpy. To achieve this look I piped, twisted, and pushed down before lifting the piping bag. You can clean up any petals by pushing them into place with a finger or toothpick.


I also filled any gaps with leaves to look like a rose garden!


Ripples Piping Tip (The Swirl) 🌀


The Ripples Piping Tip creates this beautiful swirl design. It’s best when you pipe it more firmly. Good pipeable buttercream is essential to achieve this design.


For this cupcake, I alternated between the yellow swirl design and my red roses to achieve a cute bouquet look. I also added some large leaves around the outside for the final touch.


Super Nova Piping Tip 🌠


I wasn’t quite sure what this design was making at the time, but I think the Super Nova Tip looks best when you push down while piping before lifting up again.
I alternated between this tip, the red roses, and the ripples to create this elegant look.  And, of course, the leaves to fill in those gaps.


Tulip Piping Tip 🌷


This, along with the Rose is a great standalone flower. I used a bright pink frosting to really make all of the tulips stand out.


I covered the entire surface with tulips, and added a few small leaves around the outside to fill in empty gaps. This one is super simple, but still super elegant!


Dainty Tulip Piping Tip?? 🌷


Okay, truth be told, I have NO IDEA what this piping tip is called. The actual tip looks jagged with a bunch of small dots in the middle. To me, it gave the look of a dainty-er tulip.


I added some of the pink tulips to this as well. An entirely tulip frosted cupcake!


Peace Dots Piping Tip ☮️


This piping tip sort of takes on the shape of a peace sign (think of what it would look like if you connect all the dots in your head), but it actually appeared to be VERY different from what I imagined it would be. The flower looked like a bunch of dots surrounding the center dots.


For the overall design, I decided to go all out and decorate the entire surface of the cupcake with EVERY flower from the piping tips. It turned out beautiful!


And those are just six of the MANY Russian Piping Tips! Do you guys want to see me try out more of these other piping tips?  🌹🌹🌹


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