Tinkerbell Fairy Cupcakes

Tinkerbell is the perfect combination of sassy and cute! I’m so happy to see that she got her own animated series with other animated fairy princesses. A Tinkerbell themed party would be perfect for anyone who loves a little sas, and I have the perfect recipe just for it: these are Tinkerbell Fairy Cupcakes.

For this recipe, I only go over how to make the Tinkerbell cupcake, but making her fellow friends is easy! Just follow the exact same steps, and make a buttercream frosting that matches the color of the other fairies’ dress. Remember, each fairy cupcake actually calls for 2 cupcakes to decorate. You’ll also want my cupcake wrapper templates that you can find here and here. I recommend printing them on a thicker card stock so that they can support the cupcake!


  1. Print your cupcake wrapper templates. Cut them out, and tape it into place. Place it around the bottom of one of your cupcakes
  2. Wrap the bottom half of Tinkerbell well in plastic wrap. Wrap her until about the waistline. Raise Tinkerbell’s arms so that they are raised above her head.tinkerbell-plastic
  3. Use a serrated edge knife to lightly trim the dome off the top of both of your cupcakes.
  4. Make 2 straw holes through the center of a cupcake for Tinkerbells feet. Do this on the cupcake with the printed cupcake wrapper. This will be your base cupcake.
  5. On the other cupcake, remove the cupcake liner that the cupcake was baked in.
  6. Then, use the straw to make 2 straw holes that go all the way through the cupcake.tinkerbell-straw-cupcake
  7. Pipe frosting to the top of your base cupcake.
  8. Use a serrated edge knife to trim the bottom of the unwrapped cupcake so that it’s more of a dome shape.
  9. Place the unwrapped cupcake flat side down on top of the frosted base cupcake.tinkerbell-cupcake-stack
  10. Transfer to the freezer for 5-10 minutes.
    Add a thin layer of frosting to the outside of the cupcakes. Use a knife to smooth it out.tinkerbell-frosting-knife
  11. Place Tinkerbell directly into the guide hole through the center of the 2 cupcakes.
  12. With the wider end of the leaf tip facing up towards the sky, start piping the bottom of the cupcake. Squeeze the piping bag, and pull downwards. Do this all the way around the bottom of the cupcake. Then, repeat this design moving up the cupcake.
  13. Do this all the way to her waist. tinkerbell-frosting-final
  14. Spray gold mist in short bursts to Tinkerbell’s dress.tinkerbell-cupcakes-final

Who is your favorite fairy?! 🍄

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