Grilled Cheese Cake

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, which you would think is a holiday that could be difficult to celebrate as a sweets channel…but not for me! As you know, I LOVE food in disguise (have you seen my Chocolate Ramen Bowls or my Fast Food Cupcakes?) In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, I’m going to bring you my cheesiest food in disguise yet: this is my Grilled Cheese Cake!

You might notice that the style of this video is different from my old videos, that’s because I’ve started another channel. I’d like to officially announce The Sweeter Side: my cool and crafty outlet with tons of super quick ideas! There will still be videos on My Cupcake Addiction, but The Sweeter Side is going to have much more content! Check out the Sweeter Side’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram!


1. Take the frozen pound cake and cut the same size as slice of bread. Slice in half.


3. Remove browned edges using the serrated knife.

4. Gradually add yellow and orange food colors to the fluff until desired color is achieved.


5. Spread the fluff on one pound cake and top with the other slice.


6. Place on a pan and toast it on a stove until nice and brown.


7. Slice diagonally.


8. (Optional) serve with sliced apples and marshmallow fluff colored in red.


 Watch the Facebook video here:

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