Instagram Rainbow Cake

When I originally uploaded this video at the end of 2015, I had just hit 400,000 followers. Less than a year later and I’m at 1.2 MILLION! The love and support has been incredible, and I’m so happy that I get to live my dream and share delicious recipes with all of you. I made this recipe for you guys, the absolute sweetest followers on Instagram! This is my Instagram Rainbow Cake!

For this recipe you’ll need my perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting. You can find that recipe here. This recipe is super simple, and great for those who love to decorate. Two essentials tools for this recipe are the serrated edge knife, and the offset spatula. They’re favorite of mine to use in the kitchen, and they’re super effective. The serrated edge knife help me around of the edges so that they weren’t so sharp, and the offset spatula allowed me to create straight, clean lines between the Nutella, and the Nutella buttercream frosting.



  1. Use a serrated knife to level off the top of your cake, exposing the color underneath. Then, flip your cake over and lightly trim away the bottom browned layer (this should be a very thin layer). For now, leave the edges as is. Do this for all four of your cakes.

    instagram cake trim

  2. With your blue cake on the bottom layer, add a light crumb coat to the top layer using an offset spatula. Then, wipe your offset spatula so that crumbs don’t enter the main buttercream bowl. Then, add on an even layer of buttercream frosting over the crumb coat.
  3. Then, add your green cake layer. Add a crumb coat and main coat of frosting, as done in the previous step. Then, place on your yellow cake layer. Add a crumb coat and main coat of frosting. Finally, stack the red, but do not frost the top.
    Use a serrated edge knife to trim the edges from all four layers of the square. Do this for all the edges. Then, cut down into each corner, and trim up the sides of those corners to round off the edges.

    corners instagram cake

  4. Create a light crumb coat around the entire outside of the cake. Then, transfer to the freezer for 15 minutes.
  5. Place your black candy melts into a snap seal bag, and cut off the corner tip with a pair of scissors. With your Instagram printed template on your bench, place a small piece of parchment paper over the Instagram’s flash on the camera. Outline it with your melted black candy melts, and place an unmelted candy melt directly in the center. Clean up any lines as needed.
  6. With a larger piece of parchment paper, use your candy melts to draw the lens of the Instagram camera logo. Transfer both candy melts in the fridge to set.

    lens instagram cake

  7. Take your rainbow cake out of the freezer. Add your Nutella directly into your vanilla buttercream to create a light brown Nutella buttercream frosting. Stir well.
  8. Spoon the nutella buttercream frosting onto the bottom section of the cake, and use an offset spatula to spread it out evenly. You only want to frost the bottom ⅔ of the cake this color. Use a ruler to smooth out the frosting to create an even layer. Then, use your offset spatula to make a ridge on the top most part of your cake where the ⅔ of Nutella buttercream frosting will end, and the rest of the Nutella will begin.

    ridge instagram cake

  9. Take your Nutella and frost it on to the last ⅓ of your cake starting at that ridge. Use an offset spatula to spread out the frosting. Then, use a ruler to completely even it out.
  10. Take your candy melt lens and flash out of the freezer. Place the lens onto the cake so that it overlaps both shades of brown frosting. Place your candy melt flash in the top right hand corner.

    lens placement instagram cake

  11. Use a pair of scissors to cut your Twizzlers and place them so they fit perfectly in the top left corner. Place the red on first at the very most edge. Then yellow, then green, then blue.

    rainbow instagram cake

  12. Put the rest of your Nutella buttercream frosting in a snap seal bag, and cut off the corner tip with a pair of scissors. Then, with the frosting, pipe a circle around the camera lense.

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-For the printable recipe click here:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 batch buttercream frosting
  • 1x 750g tub of Nutella (150g for the buttercream)
  • 4 x vanilla box cake mix in red, green, yellow,, blue (mine makes 12-14 cupcakes or a
  • 7″ round cake) + the ingredients needed to make the cake up with
  • Food colour – I like Americolor colors and TULIP RED is the best red you can get for
  • a rich red color
  • 4 Twizzlers – red, green, yellow and blue
  • 150g black candy melts, melted PLUS one left unmelted

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