Mini Candy Desserts

I’m not shy to creating some GIANT recipes for you guys. I’ve made giant candies like Rolos, but have also some giant desserts like cupcakes. GIANT plot twist (or mini plot twist?), I’m actually going to be giving you a recipe that’s seriously bite sized with my Mini Candy Desserts! We will be using Rolos for today’s recipes, and we’ll even be making cupcakes…they just won’t be giant this time.

For these seriously mini desserts, you’re gonna need my perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting. You can find that recipe here.


Bundt Cakes

  1. Use a pair of scissors to drill a hole through the center of a vanilla wafer. Push the scissors through until it makes a raisin sized hole. Do this with 3 other cookies. Line up your vanilla wafers to make sure they are similar in size.

    bundt cookie
  2. Use a toothpick to smear melted chocolate directly onto the back of the wafer cookie. Then, sandwich two cookies together. Do this with the other pair.

    choc sandwich
  3. Spoon milk chocolate across the top of one of your wafer sandwiches. Tap it on your bench to let the chocolate level off, and drizzle down the sides. Add your blue sprinkles to the top of the chocolate.
  4. Place your buttercream frosting in a snap seal bag. Then, cut a fine corner tip. Pipe the buttercream frosting directly to the top of your other wafer sandwich. Try to pipe it so that it looks similar to your chocolate wafer. Then, add red sprinkles.

    sprinkle mini dessert
  5. Have an Oreo split in half with the cream removed. Dollop some milk chocolate onto each half. Then, place each wafer onto an Oreo.

Mini Cupcakes

  1. Use a toothpick to smear melted chocolate to the bottom of a Rolo. Place the side with the melted chocolate directly to the top of an Oreo half. Repeat with a second Rolo, but place it at an angle so that they both can fit.  Let set.

    mini cupcake
  2. Once set, use your buttercream frosting in a snap seal to pipe on a cupcake swirl onto each of the Rolos.
  3. Place a miniature M&M on top of each frosted Rolo.

    m5m  mini

Molded Jellos:

  1. Use a fondant rolling pin to roll out a yellow Jube. While it’s flat, quickly cut it with your serrated circle cutter.

    serrated circle cutter
  2. Cut the bottom of an orange lolly Jube. Then, stick it directly onto your yellow Jube. Make 3 for each Oreo plate.

  3. Use a toothpick with melted chocolate to glue them to the Oreo.

    final gummy

Mini Espresso Shot:

  1. Trim off the sides of 3 Rolo candies.
  2. Place your knife in the center of 1 Rolo, and drill towards the center of your candy to make a hole.

  3. Use a toothpick to smear some melted chocolate onto another Rolo, and glue those two base pieces together. Then, glue the Rolo with the center hole facing up as the top piece. Let it set in the fridge.
  4. Once set, use a knife to shave off the sides of the chocolate.


These are SO mini! Do I have to share?  🍬 

-For the printable recipe click here:

What You’ll Need:  

Bundt Cake:

  • Oreo cookies
  • Vanilla wafer cookies
  • Red and blue sprinkles
  • Melted Milk chocolate
  • Buttercream Frosting

Mini Cupcakes:

  • Oreos
  • Rolos
  • Mini red M&Ms
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Molded Jellos:
    Orange and yellow Jubes
  • Red M&Ms
  • Melted milk chocolate

Mini Espresso Shots

  • 3 Rolos
  • Melted chocolate 

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