4 Tier No Bake Candy Cake

I love making huge cakes with multiple tiers. There’s nothing like bringing out that tall cake for someone and seeing their eyes light up! But I know how busy life can be, so I wanted to show you the easiest 4 tier cake you’ll ever make. It takes less than an hour and features some candy favorites. Today I’ll be showing you how to make a 4 Tier No Bake Candy Cake!! For more candy cakes check out my Candy Box Cake, and my Wonka Drip Cake.

The secret to this cake is the polystyrene cake layers! They may not be edible, but they add a ton of height to this cake. One of my favorite features of this cake is the adaptability! Add your favourite candy, small toys, or anything else you can think of! You’re only limited by your imagination on this one! I know there will be some amazing variation on this cake – I’d LOVE it if you shared on my Instagram @mycupcakeaddiction so I can see what you guys are coming up with!


  1. Dollop white chocolate onto the center of your cake board, and stack on the bottom tier of cake. Place white chocolate in between each layer to stack them.

    Styrofoam cake stack
  2. Use white chocolate to stick your large candy pieces to the bottom base tier. For this cake, I used various colored Nerds boxes.

    nerds cake
  3. On the next tier up, use white chocolate to glue on your smaller candies. For this cake, I used the Trolli Gummi Pizzas.

    gummy pizza cake

  4. On the next tier up, use white chocolate to glue on your next smallest candies. For this cake, it was Fads, and I alternated each side and color on the cake.

  5. Place 3 lollipops through the top of the cake.

  6. Then, using white chocolate as glue, stick your final candy on that top tier. For this cake, I used Wonka Fun Dip. I also placed a rubber band around them to hold them in place.

    rubber band candy cake
  7. Use Marshmallow Ropes to fill in any white space where the polystyrene shows on the cake.

    marshmallow rope
  8. Fill the gap between the Fun Dip and lollipops with Jolly Ranchers.

    jolly rancher cake

    Who wants candy?! 🍬🍭🍬

-For the printable recipe click here: http://bit.ly/2hErKZz

What You’ll Need:  

  • 13 x Nerds
  • 12 x Fads
  • 8 x Trolli Gummi Pizzas
  • 4 x Wonka Fun Dip
  • 3 x mini rainbow lollypops
  • 12 x Jolly ranchers – individually wrapped
  • 12 x marshmallow ropes
  • 300g melted white chocolate
  • Polystyrene / Styro cake dummies in 4″, 6″, 8″ & 10″
  • 12″ cake board covered in glitter scrapbooking paper
  • Toothpicks
  • Knife
  • Spoon

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