Surprise Inside Rainbow Zebra Cake

Don’t act like you’ve never owned something in Zebra print. Admit it, we’ve all owned a zebra wallet, purse, or blouse. Today, I’m bringing you a recipe for those of us who’ve owned, loved, and rocked animal print patterns! But it wouldn’t be My Cupcake Addiction without a twist…a rainbow surprise inside twist! This is my Rainbow Zebra Cake.  For more animal recipes you can find my Safari Inside Cupcakes, and my Lion King Cake!

For this recipe you’ll need my perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting. You can find that recipe here. I actually recommend working with a box cake for this rainbow cake (and pretty much any rainbow cake). Because you’re mixing a lot of colors, it sometimes can take too much air out of the batter with a homemade cake recipe. This also shows that you can really do a lot with a box cake!


  1. Preheat a moderate oven (175°C/350°F)
  2. Grease both of your springform trays with a nonstick spray. Place a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of each tray.
  3. Add your dry and wet ingredients into an electric mixer to make the vanilla box cakes. Follow the instructions on the back of the box. Make both batches at the same time.

    mixing batter zebra
  4. Place half of the batter into a large bowl.
  5. Distribute the rest of the batter into six small bowls. Put slightly more batter in 3 of the bowls, and slightly less in the remaining.
  6. For the 3 bowls with slightly more batter, colour one of the bowls red, another orange, and the last one yellow. Color the rest of the bowls green, blue, and pink.

    color batters
  7. Place black food coloring into the large bowl with half the batter and dye that mixture black.
  8. Dollop a large spoonful of black batter into the center of each of the greased springform pans. Keep the shape of the batter as circular as possible.
  9. Then, dollop half of the red batter directly over the black circles in each pan.
  10. Dollop another black circle directly over the red circles in each pan.
  11. Add a dollop or orange batter directly onto the black circles.
  12. Repeat the previous two steps with yellow, green, blue, and pink into both of the pans.
  13. Place one last black dollop in the center of the pink batters.

    zebra batter
  14. Tap the springform pans on the bench.
  15. Cut out two pieces of parchment paper so that it covers the top of the batter of each springform pan. Press down on the parchment paper so that it sticks to the batter.
  16. Place into a moderate oven for 40 minutes. The cakes will be done when you poke a skewer in the center of the cake and it comes out clean, or if you  touch the top of the cake and it springs back.
  17. Let the cakes cool completely in the tins.
  18. Remove the sides springform pan. Then, use a serrated edge knife to level off the tops of the cakes.
  19. Smear buttercream frosting onto a cake plate, that’s on a turntable. Then, place one of your cake halves over the buttercream. Frost the top of the cake, and add the other layer on top.
  20. Trim the sides of the cakes and remove any brown pieces from the cake.

    cake trim zebra
  21. Add a thin crumb coat to the outside of the cake. Then, transfer to the freezer for 15 minutes.
  22. Sprinkle corn flour onto your bench. Then, use a rolling pin to roll out your fondant so that it’s as thin as you can get it.
  23. Use a pizza cutter to trim up the side edge. Then, make zebra stripes by rolling out thick lines in the fondant. Place the fondant pieces on a piece of parchment paper. Then, cover the top with another piece of parchment paper.

    zebra stripes
  24. Take the cake out of the freezer. Add a thick top coat layer of frosting to the outside of the cake.
  25. Use a ruler to scrape away the excess of frosting from the cake so that the sides are super even. Use an offset spatula to scrape away excess from the top.
  26. Place the fondant zebra stripes over the sides and top of the cake.

    zebra stripe cake

I’d like to set the record straight that Zebras are white with black stripes, not black with white stripes….and rainbow on the inside! 🌈

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