5 Desserts You NEED for Pi Day

While most people are getting hyped for St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, we can’t overlook the other important holidays in March. Today is Pi (π) Day! Just in case you were sleeping in math class, the symbol “π” is an infinite number that approximates to 3.14, and is often used to find the circumference of a circle. Because it’s number is 3.14, it’s often celebrated on March 14th. Math is cool, but sweets are cooler! Here are 5 desserts that you need to really celebrate this holiday!

  1. This beautiful π cookie!


(Check out Haniela’s for AMAZING cookie decorating)

2. This π themed apple pie that is literally math goals.


(The full recipe from Heart of Tarts can be found here!)

3. These π brownies that are for all the chocolate lovers out there.


(LOVE this recipe from SugarCoder)

4. These adorable apple pie pops that allow you to celebrate Pi Day on the go.

Adorable Apple Pie Pops Recipe

(Divas Can Cook blew me away with this recipe!)

5. This mini apple pie from my Just For One Series! It’s the perfect size apple pie if you don’t want to share Pi Day celebrations with anyone but yourself 😉


(You can find the full step by step recipe here at the My Cupcake Addiction recipe site!)

I was never a math person myself, but I do use math sometimes in the kitchen (don’t get me started with converting from the Metric system to the Imperial system!) So whether you’re a math fanatic, or a pie nerd, there’s something here for everyone. Happy Pi/Pie day everyone!

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