3 Easter Treats

Today I’m at the Tastemade kitchen and I’m working with Olivia from Love, Health, Fitness and we’re going to bring you three easy Easter recipes that you’re going to love. We promise there will be lots of Peeps and Easter Eggs. Here are 3 Easter Treats! For more Easter recipes check out my Easter Rocky Road, and my Chocolate Lace Easter Eggs!

Be careful with the Peep Eggs! You don’t want to break off too much chocolate, but you have to break it off somewhat evenly so it’s easy to glue the two halves back together.



  1. Melt your chocolate with the double boiler method.
  2. Pour the melted directly over the fried noodles, and coat evenly.

    choc and noodles
  3. Spoon out some of the noodles onto parchment paper.
  4. Hollow out a small hole in the center of the nest. Place a Peep in the center of the next, with a few birds eggs surrounding the Peep.

    peep nest final

Peeps Eggs

  1. Melt your white chocolate with the double broiler method.
  2. Spoon the white chocolate into Easter egg mold. Use the spoon to coat the chocolate up the sides of the mold.

    white choc egg mold
  3. Transfer to the fridge to set.
  4. Once set, remove from the fridge.
  5. Break a piece off the top of the egg big enough for a Peep to peep through.

    break choc egg
  6. Place a Peep inside the center of the egg.
  7. Place melted white chocolate in a snap seal bag. Cut off the corner with a pair of scissors. Then, pipe white chocolate where the two halves of the chocolate egg meet. Hold the egg in place to set.

    white choc peep

Creme Eggs

  1. Use the double boiler method to melt white chocolate.
  2. Cut off a bottom corner of a cream egg.

    cream egg cut
  3. Spoon white chocolate onto a piece of parchment paper. Use that spoon to create a splattered egg effect. Place a yellow candy melt in the center of the white chocolate.
  4. Hold your cream egg in place until it holds.

    cream egg final

Shoutout to all my Peeps! 🐣

-For the printable recipe click here: http://bit.ly/2hU326h

What You’ll Need:  

For the nests you’ll need:

  • Fried noodles (they taste like pocky!)
  • Melted milk or dark chocolate
  • Birds eggs
  • Optional: Peeps

For the Peeps Eggs you’ll need:

  • Peeps
  • White chocolate (melted)

For the smashed Creme Eggs you’ll need:

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