Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Happy Unicorn Week! Okay, so maybe it isn’t Unicorn Week for everyone else, but it is for me. For the occasion, I made a Rainbow Unicorn Milkshake in honor of these mystical creatures. Today, I want to share with you my Rainbow Unicorn Cake!

For this recipe, you’ll want my perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting recipe, with colors tinted pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow, and a light red. You can find that recipe here. Don’t be afraid to let the frosting layers overlap! That’s what’s going to give you those hidden colors in between each layer. That’s the magic of art! Don’t scrape too much frosting away when you’re blending these colors!


  1. Use a serrated edge knife to level off the tops and bottoms of all four of your cake layers. You may have your first leveled cake right next to the cakes you’re leveling as a reference.
  2. Place a piece of parchment paper over your unicorn template. With melted white chocolate in a snap seal bag, use a pair of scissors to cut off a fine tip from the bottom corner. Then, outline just the unicorn from the template. Once the outline is done, fill in the inside. Sprinkle a generous amount of sanding sugar directly onto the white chocolate before it begins to set. Leave the bottom of the topper

    candy melts unicorn cake
  3. Apply a smear of frosting to the base of your cake board, and place a layer of cake directly on it.  Start with a small circle of pink in the center. Then, moving out, create a blue ring around your pink, a yellow around your blue, a red around your yellow, and whichever color you like for the outermost ring.
  4. Add another layer of cake, and press down so that the frosting spreads underneath. On this cake, alternate the color rings from the previous layer (so red, yellow, blue, pink, and an additional color of your choice).

    frosting swirl unicorn cake
  5. Stack another cake and repeat the color combination used in step 3 (pink, blue, yellow, red, color of choice). Then, stack your final layer of cake on top of that.
  6. Grab your parchment paper with candy melts, and tip the excess sanding sugar off of your unicorn topper. Cut a thicker tip from your snap seal bag with white candy melts, and pipe the rest of your unicorn topper.  Sprinkle just a small amount of sanding sugar at the top of your stick to cover up those white candy melts.

    topper unicorn cake
  7. Use a toothpick to clean any edges of the template and to make distinct lines (I needed to do this under the neck and near the hooves).
  8. Use a cake scraper or metal ruler to scrape away the outside frosting that spread past the edges of the cake, and scrape it off into a bowl.
  9. Rotate your cake on the cake board, and pipe the bottom of the cake with a thick layer of pink buttercream frosting. Then, pipe a thick layer of blue above that.  Then yellow. Make sure that your frosting layers are touching. Your final layer will be red, which will also be the color of the entire top of the cake.

    frosting layers unicorn cake
  10. Use a cake scraper to level off the top of the cake so that it’s nice and even. Clean off your scraper, and scrape a light amount of frosting off from you cake. At about halfway, discard the scraps, and continue around the cake.
  11. Then, very gently (barely take off any frosting) rotate your cake and use your scraper to blend the different colors so that it creates additional colors between each layer (orange, green, and purple). Then, give a final scrape from the top of the cake.

    scrape unicorn cake
  12. Add sprinkles and edible gold stars to the top of your cake.
  13. Use your serrated edge knife to make a guide hole through the center of your cake. After sticking in the knife, move it slightly to the left and right.
  14. Peel your unicorn candy melts off of the parchment paper, and place it gently through the center of the cake.

    gold topper unicorn cake


-For the printable recipe click here: http://bit.ly/2jk0rnN

What You’ll Need:  

  • 2 batches of my buttercream frosting (pale pink, pale yellow, pale blue, and a light red)
  • 4 x 1″ high 7″ round cakes (use your own favourite recipe or even store-bought cakes if you want to save time)
  • 150g white chocolate (must be compound so cannot contain cocoa butter as an ingredient) or candy melts
  • Gold sanding sugar
  • Confetti Sprinkles
  • Edible gold stars

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