Watermelon Oreo Cookies

I’ve been obsessed with watermelons! Summer fruits are equally delicious as they are trendy. I made Watermelon Ice Cream Bowls, but have been dying to make another watermelon inspired treat. I give you Watermelon Oreo Cookies! Just because it looks like a watermelon doesn’t mean they’re going to taste like one, but I promise it’ll still be sweet!

For this recipe, you’re going to need an Oreo mold! Trust me, this will make them look just like Oreos! You can purchase a mold here


  1. Place a small teaspoon of the pink candy melts in each center of the Oreo mold. Leave enough room for what will later be the rind of the watermelon.

    watermelon pink candy melts 
  2. Add a small amount of green candy melts into your white candy melts to make a more pale green. Stir well.
  3. With your paintbrush, dip it in the pale green candy melts. Draw 6-8 lines along the edge of each Oreo mold. Place the Oreo mold into the fridge for a few minutes.

    watermelon rinds oreo 
  4. Add the pale green candy melts back into the solid green candy melts and mix well. Transfer the green candy melts into a snap seal bag. Cut a small tip off the corner of the bag with a pair of scissors.
  5. Squeeze your green candy melts around the center pink candy melts. Let a small amount overlap into the center. Then, place an Oreo in the middle of the mold and press down firmly. Use your green candy melts again to fill in the rest of the mold, and to cover the Oreo entirely. Repeat this process with the five other sections of the mold.

    green candy melts 
  6. Tap your mold hard on the bench to set the candy melts. This may cause your Oreos to come back to the top of your mold. Using an offset spatula, press the Oreos back down. Then, using that same spatula, scrape along the top to create a clean and even coating for the oreos. Transfer to the fridge.
  7. Take the mold out of the fridge. Remove your six watermelon Oreos from the mold. Use your circular cutter to trim any imperfections from the sides of your cookies.

    cookie cutter watermelon oreo 
  8. Reheat your pink candy melts if needed. Use a toothpick to place your pink candy melts on the bottom of a miniature chocolate chip. Then, place it directly onto the cookie. Put about 6 chocolate chips on each cookie.

    chocolate chips watermelon

On this watermelon treat you can eat the seeds and the rinds! 🍉🍉🍉

-For the printable recipe click here: http://bit.ly/2j2kj19

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