Emoji Cookie Pops

I love emojis! They truly express thoughts and feelings better than most words ever could (especially in 140 characters or less!).  Today, I’m getting in touch with my inner emojis, and bringing you guys these super cute, and portable Emoji Cookie Pops! If you love cookie pops, you can also check out my Zootopia Cookie Pops.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can truly make whichever emojis you want (and there’s tons of emojis!). Have fun, and get creative and bring to life some of your innermost emotions!


  1. Split Oreo cookies in half by lightly twisting them.
  2. Dollop a spoonful of yellow candy melts on one half of the Oreo cookie. Then, lay a lollipop  stick in the candy melts, and place the top half of the cookie back on the bottom half. Repeat for all your Oreo cookie pops. Let them set in the fridge.

    emoji cookie sandwich 
  3. Take a set Oreo and dip it directly into the yellow candy melts. Lightly shake off any excess. Tap your wrist with your free hand to level off the chocolate.  Do this for the rest of your cake pops.

    yellow dip emoji 
  4. Place 2 heart as a pair of eyes on to one of the cake pops. On another, place a heart slightly off to the side.  Let the cake pops set.
  5. Pour melted milk chocolate into a snap seal bag. Cut off a fine tip from the corner.  Also place blue and pink candy melts in individual snap seal bags, and cut off a fine corner tip.
  6. For the emoji wit the heart eyes, pipe on a smiley face under the heart eye sprinkles.

    heart eyes emoji 
  7. For the emoji with the kissy face,  pipe one regular eye, and one winking eye. Also, pipe a small “3” next to the heart.

    kissey face emoji 
  8. The next emoji we’re going to do is cold sweat. Pipe 2 top half circles for the eyes, and a frowning face for the mouth. With blue candy melts, pipe a bead of sweat above his left eye.

    cold sweat emoji 
  9. The crying face emoji has 2 oval circles for eyes and concerned eyebrows. Also, a sad face.  Pipe a blue teardrop below his left eye.

    crying emoji

  10. For the emoji that’s sticking their tongue out, pipe melted chocolate eyes so that they look like this: “> <” Then, draw the top section of the lip, and part of the bottom section of the lip, and leave a gap for the tongue. Then, with pink candy melts, draw in the tongue.

    tongue out emoji 
  11. Repeat the previous step for another tongue out emoji. For these eyes, though, just pipe two little circles.

    smiley tongue emoji 
  12. For the smirking emoji, pipe melted chocolate 2 sideways teardrops for the eyes, with 2 eyebrows. Then, draw a crooked smile that slants to one side.

    side eye emoji 
  13. Use pink candy melts to pipe a large heart.

    heart emoji

Wow! These emoji cookie pops have me feeling all the feels! 😍😘😓😢😝😛😏

-For the printable recipe click here: http://bit.ly/2ifyY85

What You’ll Need:  

  • Oreos
  • Large heart sprinkles
  • Pink, blue, and yellow candy melts
  • Melted milk chocolate

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