Chocolate Ramen Bowls

I’m a sucker for dessert recipes in disguise. There’s nothing like eating a dessert that doesn’t look like a dessert but tastes like a dessert…whoa…dessert-ception.  I’ve done it in the past with Candy Sushi and Carnival Treat Cakes. For today’s recipe, I wanted to put a gummy twist to ramen with my Chocolate Ramen Bowls!

Two things to keep in mind before attempting this recipe. 1: do not make the gelatin like you normally would make a jelly product. Follow my instructions below so that it doesn’t become a giant bowl of jello that you cannot put in your bowls later. 2: Don’t forget about really coating the walls of your circular mold. If the sides are not strong enough, your chocolate bowl won’t be able to support all the gummies! I strongly recommend the Haribo Starmixed gummies for those perfect little gummy eggs!


  1. Add your yellow gelatin crystals to the boiling hot water. Stir until the crystals have completely dissolved. Set aside and  let it cool. The gelatin should neither be set nor too hot. Once it has cooled down, transfer the gelatin mix into a snap seal bag, and transfer to the refrigerator for no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Melt your white chocolate so that it reaches a smooth consistency. Place a tablespoon of white chocolate into 2 of the larger circular molds.  Use your spoon to distribute the white chocolate evenly up the edges of the mold. Tip out any excess back into your bowl of white chocolate candy melts. Transfer the mold to the fridge to set.

    ramen chocolate mold

  3. Use your pink fruit chews to make a prawn/shrimp. Microwave them for 10 seconds. Pull the chew and stretch it out. Leave one end more square, and the other with a tip.  Use a pair of scissors to cut that tip to form the tail of the prawn/shrimp. Using a knife, make divots along the sides candy. Curl into the shape of a crescent. Make 2.

    shrimp ramen

  4. Grab your gold ring gummies. Snip off what would be considered the “stone” from the gummy ring and discard (or eat!). Then, press the two edges of the ring together so that they stick and form the shape of a mini onion ring.
  5. Using a pair of scissors, trim your green gummy bear into very fine lines. This will be the shallot for your ramen.
  6. Cut up one of your pink candy rings into chunks to represent pickled ginger.
  7. Your Haribo Starmixed candies will come with an egg shaped candy, but you could also make this using white chocolate and a yellow M%M.
  8. Stretch out your caramel chew, and use your scissors to cut off two rectangles to form a piece of tofu. Make 4.
  9. Take your circular molds out of the fridge. Put another tablespoon of white chocolate into each of the molds for a second coat. Spread the white chocolate up onto the edges of the mold so that they don’t crack. Use a knife to very lightly graze along the top edge of your white chocolate mold. Transfer back to the fridge.
  10. Melt your milk/dark chocolate candy melts, and add a small amount to your white chocolate. Mix well.
  11. Take your molds out of the fridge. Remove the white chocolate from the molds carefully. Grab two white chocolate candy melts (not melted), and place some white chocolate on them to the bottom of the bowl. Support them for a few second while they set.

    bowls ramen

  12. Take your gelatin mixture out of the fridge. Snip the corner of that snap seal bag to pour the mixture into the ramen bowls. Fill it about ¾ of the bowl. Transfer the ramen bowls to the fridge for 15 minutes.
  13. Transfer your white and milk/dark chocolate mix into a snap seal bag, and cut off a fine tip from the corner. Once the gelatin is mildy set, spread the chocolate mix directly into the bowl for a noodle effect. Don’t be shy on all those squiggly lines!

    ramen noodles

  14. Place your prawn/shrimp in the bowl and have it hang slightly over the edge. Break off your Pockys at the bottom of your stick so that you can’t see and pink. Stick those in your bowl, as well.
  15. Put just a touch of more of your gelatin mixture into the bowl without filling it to the top of the cup. Add the rest of your Ramen ingredients!

    noodles final

Isn’t it great to not have to pick between savory and sweet? 🍜

-For the printable recipe click here:

What You’ll Need:  

  • White chocolate or white candy melts
  • A few pieces of milk or dark chocolate
  • Yellow gelatin crystals
  • Pink fruit chews
  • Caramel bites
  • Pink Pocky
  • Boiling Water
  • Haribo Starmixed Candies

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