Chocolate Lace Easter Egg

While preparing for Easter, I caught myself browsing a lot on Pinterest.I came across a DIY for beautiful lace eggs. There was just one problem: they weren’t edible! So today, I wanted to make something that was simple, elegant, and edible with DIY Chocolate Lace Easter Eggs! Click here to check out my Easter Rocky Road recipe.

When making these eggs, just be mindful of what you want to put in the egg. Heavy candy will make your candy melts break. I suggest adding another smaller lace egg inside. You can even make it another color to really make it pop!


  1. Place your melted candy melts into a snap seal bag. Cut a fine tip from the bottom corner of the bag with a pair of scissors.

    snap seal easter egg

  2. Create various squiggly lines inside the Easter egg mold. Your lines may overlap it a few times, but you do not want it to be a full solid color.

    candy melts easter egg

  3. Run a layer of candy melts along the top edge of your mold. Run your finger along the edge for a smooth, clean line.

    edge eggs

  4. Repeat the previous two steps on the other half of the mold. Then, transfer to the freezer for about 15 minutes.

    egg rotate

  5. Gently remove the  frozen candy melts from the Easter egg mold. If you want to add something in the center of the egg, make sure it’s something light. You could even add a smaller chocolate lace egg inside!

    freezer eggs

  6. Run a layer of candy melts along the edge of the chocolate Easter eggs.  Place the other half on top. Run your finger along the edges for a clean line. Let it set.

    egg formed

Beautiful lace Easter eggs that you can eat! 🐣

-For the printable recipe click here:

What You’ll Need:  

  • Melted candy melts

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