Candy Coke Piñata: Surprise Inside!

Giant gummy soda bottles have been all over the internet & you guys know I love a good trend, but I always look for ways to give my own twist and make it my own.

Today, I give you the Candy Soda Bottle Piñata! It may look like a regular bottle of soda, but this chocolate bottle has tons of candy inside! I’m no stranger to piñatas, I’ve done a Giant Donut Piñata, too!

The best part of the piñata is obviously the smash! Mix it up between larger, lighter candies (like marshmallows!) and lots of small candies (like M&Ms) – they’ll make a big effect when you do your piñata smash


  1. Peel away the label from your empty soda bottle. Do not cut it off, it will be used later. Use a pair of scissors to remove the ring from the lid of the bottle.
  2. Use a serrated edge knife to make a horizontal cut through the center of your bottle. Use your scissors to cut the bottle completely in half. Trim away any jagged edges.
  3. Use a dry wash cloth to completely wipe down the inside of the bottle. There should be no liquid or the chocolate will later seize.
  4. With the bottom half of your bottle, fill completely with melted chocolate. Rotate the bottle to ensure that the chocolate coats the entire bottle evenly. Let any excess drip back into the bowl. Set aside. Put the cap back on the top half of your bottle. The, fill the top half of that bottle with milk chocolate. Rotate so that it distributes evenly, and pour any excess back into the bowl. Place the top half in a cup for support and let it set.

    chocolate coke pinata
  5. Repeat the previous step for a second coat of chocolate.
  6. Place your two halves on a piece of parchment paper. Let them set in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  7. Use a pair of scissors to make a small cut in the edge of the plastic (do not cut the chocolate).  Once the small cut is in place, peel the rest of the plastic away from the chocolate mold. Remove all of the plastic from both the bottom and top section.

    plastic soda pinata
  8. Begin heating up your skillet. Place your hand on the inside of your top half of the chocolate bottle. Dip just the lid section back into the melted chocolate. Set the top half aside.
  9. Use a napkin or paper towel to grab the bottom half of the chocolate mold. Place the top edge down onto the bottom of the skillet to create a smooth edge. Turn the skillet off and set aside so that the chocolate on the skillet doesn’t burn.  Start filling the bottom half with your variety of candy!

    candy coke pinata
  10. If needed, dip the lid of your top half back into the melted chocolate. When ready, replace the ring and the cap onto the top half of the chocolate mold. Reheat the skillet slightly. Grab the top half of the bottle by the neck and place it down onto the skillet. Transfer the top half quickly and carefully onto the bottom half of the bottle so that they align. If there are any gaps between the two halves, fill a snap seal bag with melted chocolate, cut the corner of the bag, and fill the gap.

    coke pinata skillet

  11. Paint a line of chocolate on each edge of the soda wrapper. Then, wrap them around the center of the soda, and line them up together in the back.
  12. Smash your soda piñata and enjoy!

    coke pinata smash


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