Princess Party – SORTED! Everything you need for your next Princess party…

Over the years I’ve made a few princess themed things, but this week saw my nieces birthday and the requests were clear and very specific.

Princesses, princesses and more princesses….

My 7 year old niece Charli looked through a book of cakes, selected a giant cupcake and promptly told me “You can make this one for me can’t you Aunty Leese – it looks easy for you!”

Hmmm… a common misconception that children make is that mothers (and aunties) will simply pop into the kitchen and whip up their hearts desire in a matter of minutes and it will come out exactly like the picture…

castle cake 2 copy

I have two nieces born a week apart and we celebrated both birthdays together this year, so my younger niece Ashlee (miss 4) requested Sofia the First – she didn’t care what, just anything Sofia.

Now whats the point in making these beautiful cakes and then showing them to you all, if I don’t also film a quick video tutorial to go alongside it so you can replicate these designs  at home without having to go through the headaches and troubleshooting that I did as I worked out how to get Sofia’s face details perfect, and how to make those pesky castle turrets strong enough to survive transportation.

IMG_5835 copy

Sofia was actually quite a simple choice in the end. When it comes to kids characters, I prefer not to make them from fondant. Children know their favourite characters better than we adults ever will and if you get a hairstyle wrong or an eye colour incorrect, they will be the first to tell you that you’ve done it wrong.

Also taking into account there would be a dozen or so of these little Sofia cupcakes, I didn’t much fancy the idea of sitting up till 4 in the morning hand making sugar princess bodies that would get gobbled up in an instant by hungry 4 and 7 year olds. I decided on a printable template because it helped to present a true and accurate portrayal of the characters, and it saved a ton of time! Something we are all lacking on the eve of a kids party.

Check out the video below if you want to see how the rest of these super cute Sofia The First cupcakes (or mini cakes) were made.

As for the Princess Castle Giant Cupcake – this proved more difficult than I anticipated mainly due to the turrets. I didn’t want to use fondant as I didn’t have enough time for chunks of fondant that thick to set (they’d take a week or more) and no one wants to eat a hard lump of fondant that size, so they’d ultimate be wasted.

I eventually landed on Lifesavers roll candy! Its such a simple solution and worked beautifully, giving the castle turrets structure and also some brick-like texture with very minimal effort.


I also opted to make this cake a piñata cake, hollowing out the centre and stuffing it full of pastel m&m’s and princessey coloured candy – you should have heard the delighted squeals when it was cut open!

You can watch the video HERE to see the rest of this castle cake come together:

On top of all that, I made simple Princess Crown sugar cookies – this is the first time I’ve shared a cookie recipe and decorating technique on my channel and I love how they came out. The cookies can be made 2-3 days in advance, saving time on the day of the party and they just added that little bit extra to complete the sweet selection. They also make fabulous party favours to send home with your little guests.


If you’re still not completely “Sorted” for your next princess party, here’s a couple of snaps of other princess inspired cakes and cake pops that I’ve made in the past, and also have tutorials for on my YouTube channel.


I have an entire playlist full of fabulous princess themed videos for all things princess so if your little madam has requested her next party be themed around princesses and you’re slightly lost on where to start, this playlist is definitely for you.


Click HERE to view the entire princess playlist from the MyCupcakeAddiction YouTube channel


I hope you’ve liked this princessey blog post and I hope your next princess party is amazing!

xx Elise

Elise Strachan - My Cupcake Addiction

17 thoughts on “Princess Party – SORTED! Everything you need for your next Princess party…

      1. hope you can make a Frozen cupcake version of this.i would love to do this for my little one 1st birthday thanks.Godbless

  1. I really like your videos , that are easy to follow , and you take the time to explain what you are doing. Thank you .

    1. Thanks Jenny!
      I enjoy making them and I try to explain as clearly as I can – there’s nothing worse than watching a whole video and still not knowing how the finished result was achieved!
      xx Elise

  2. I can’t stop watching your videos, you’re amazing
    i wish i had everything to make all this, especially that giant cupcake mold to try something for my best friend’s baby shower.
    I got your recipe book and cant wait to start baking!

  3. can you make something star wars themed? my fiancee is crazy about it, and I want to make something for his 21st bday!! 😀 #brazilianfan

  4. I love ur nail polish and by the way, your cooking is really awsome(where do you get it from)

  5. I love your videos!!!!
    I am making the princess castle in two weeks. Can you tell me where I can buy the Pink giant cupcake cases for this. Such a sweet cake for a little princess. I have just made you Frozen cake pops and they were such a hit with my grandchildren.

    1. I realized I had to make a cupcake case of melted chocolate..silly me I did make it and it turned out great.. also made your graduation cap everyone thought it was brilliant!..thank you again for your great tutorials they give us all confidence to try.

  6. Unbelievable how amazing the final cupcakes can look like! I`m wondering about the taste 🙂 I guess natural talent is mandatory in order to achieve such great results

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