The WRAP – February 2014

Where is the year going? February is over and it feels like I only just posted our Wrap episode from January!

Here’s February’s Wrap episode if you haven’t already seen it…

In this months Wrap, I have some more awesome giveaways – all up I’m giving away 26 fantastic prizes PLUS everyone gets the opportunity to grab one of my paid cupcake masterclasses for FREE (valued at $30) – I love giving stuff away and I hope you guys love winning things!

I’ll be drawing the winners for this months competition on March 5th and announcing the winners here on the blog so make sure you’re following to receive an email update when that post goes live to see if you’ve won.


In February, I had the pleasure of being featured on both the Today Show USA and the Today Show Australia almost within the same week.

A crazy whirlwind on both sides of the globe and on top of all that, my 2 nieces (who, at 7 & 4 have their own Youtube Channel) were also featured on one of our morning shows in Australia, Sunrise. Kids on live TV? Anything can happen…

Watch my Australian Today Show appearance Here:

Watch the girls appearance on Channel 7s Sunrise Here:

For my Australian followers, the first Cake Bake and Sweets Show will be on in Sydney in March from 21-23 out at the Olympic Park – I’m going so if you happen to see me wandering the aisles lost in the world of cakes, make sure you come up and say Hi!

I’m also giving away a bunch of tickets to this event and there are a ton of great pastry chefs and decorators coming along (including Chef Duff from Ace Of Cakes!)


Click HERE to view the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show website for more information.

Lots of great videos posted in February including my Sofia the First cupcakes, DIY Marshmallow Fondant Recipe (to die for!), Doc McStuffins Cake Pops and some super cute fondant techniques.

Make sure you check out my YouTube channel if you missed any of these – I upload 3 new videos every single week and with over 280 to chose from, theres sure to be something you haven’t yet seen.

February Uploads

That’s definitely not all that happened in the month of February so make sure you check out The Wrap video for February for a full update on whats been going on in the MyCupcakeAddiction kitchen, and details of all those fabulous giveaways!

xx Elise

Elise Strachan - My Cupcake Addiction




  1. Vanessa Quintanilla says:

    Gigantic cupcake. ….

  2. I live in California and it’s 11 pm and I am waiting up for the results!!! I am so so excited!!! Good luck to all 🙂

  3. richelle says:

    please please can i have the cupcake mould i love you sooooo much and have been wantiing to try and do the pinatas of the cupcake pleaseeeee

  4. Natalia says:

    I would love to win one of your giant cupcake moulds x

  5. Giant cupcake mold! Love your channel! I can’t wait to see more!

  6. When are you announcing the winners? Its 5th of March…. Thnx

  7. Brianna Madison says:

    I love cake decorating and your videos!!thanks for being so kind and generous to have giveaways ♡

  8. I’d love a copy of the book! Your YouTube videos are great I watch them every week 🙂

  9. Giant cupcake mold pleasseeee 🙂

  10. The book please! I’m soo short on money right now since my boyfirend and I are saving to move in together and he absolutley loves my baking, and I get my inspiration from you! So If I’m lucky enough to win, I would like the book!

  11. Please please i wish i get the giant cup cake

  12. jumbo cupcake plz

  13. hi! I am a huuuuuuge fan of your channel and your creations! I really adore them and I wish you can be one of my family members so you can serve me those yummy desserts everyday! 😀 lol anyways , I really appreciate your generosity and I wish to get the paint and sculpting tools. I really would like to have them because i can’t find things like those where I live ^^ For my second choice I would loooove to have the giant cupcake mold! I really want to try making ALL ( yes ALL) of your giant cupcake recipes with it 🙂 thank you so much again and even though I don’t win, I will still be cheering you on through your baking career^^ thank you again 😀

  14. Christine McMahon says:

    Please can I have the ebook download or the giant cupcake mould 😀 thank you so much :-*

  15. giant cupcake mold pretty please

  16. Is it too late to comment?! Love your YouTube videos – drive my fiancé made watching them! I would love any of the prizes (except the tickets as I’m in the UK, unless they come with airplane tickets also???). If I had to chose then it would be the giant cupcake mould…

  17. Shabnam says:

    Hi Elise,
    I love your page and videos you are a great inspriation thank you! I would love the giant cupcake mould as I am new into baking and every silicon mould and tools would be most obliged.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Shabnam K

  18. Jessica strutt says:

    I would love to win the giant cupcake mold or a copy of the e-book 🙂

  19. I would love to get a giant cupcake mold 🙂 I hope i win one of them 🙂

  20. I’d love to get your e-book please!! Thank you!

  21. May I please have the cupcake mould if not the book and if not the book then the paint brushes

  22. Please please please post the winners!!! I can’t wait to hear who won!!!!!!

  23. Would love the paint and sculpt brushes 🙂

    I have already downloaded your ebook and LOVE it!

    Thank you so much for your YouTube channel! I love that you live in Aus, makes baking heaps easier as I don’t have to find, or convert the recipes and ingredients 🙂

  24. I will be happy with anything. My toe favourite things are the giant cupcake mould and the tickets. Thanks again for the giveaway.

  25. Judy Desjarlais says:

    Always interesting to watch the videos on YouTube you make it look so easy n fun all the way From Saskatchewan, Canada I would like one of the Moulds would like to try and make a surprise cake with the treats inside….continue to intrigue our minds with your creativity.

  26. hi Alise,

    I have always loved your videos and i don’t know where to get a giant cupcake mold from because my craft store has the metal ones not the silicon ones. so i would like to win the giant cupcake mold.

  27. sukaina says:


  28. mia bautista says:

    I really want those sculpting brushes that are not brushes

  29. mia bautista says:

    Ey my cupcake addiction i really love your vid and i would actually also want the giant cuocake mould….but im also fine with the sculpting brushes cause i like them both equally

  30. mia bautista says:

    I really like the baking shiw tuckets but i live really far from Austrailia…so i want want the guant cupcake mould or the sculpting thing i just want themm all equally

  31. mia bautista says:

    I also really really want the ebook

  32. mushtaq says:

    who won this month

  33. Stace1234 says:

    Not to be pushy or anything but when are the results coming

  34. Stace1234 says:

    Not to be pushy or anything but when are the results coming out

  35. How do I find out winners its the 6th now

  36. I want the paint and sculpt sharpers

  37. Cristine Montella says:

    I know everyone is anxious to know who won, but maybe something came up… I just hope everything is ok with ELISE…

  38. Anybody know if the winners have been announced yet?

  39. Does anyone know if the winners have been announced? Thanks

  40. Jinny Park says:

    I would love love love to get that giant cupcake mold. It’s so hard to get hold of that for some reason!

  41. hi!!!!! I love ur channel! for the giveaway can I please have the cupcake mold?

  42. I’m not complaining but it’s the 6 th of March here in England and the results still haven’t been posted? Just wondering why

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