The Little Mermaid Cake Tutorial!

The Little Mermaid – sigh… only my favourite movie in the whole world…. I can still sing every song word for word (and I sometimes do, much to the children’s despair!) – I used to spend hours in the pool with my legs tied together with a piece of string hoping they’d one day fuse into a tail and I would resume my rightful place as Ariel’s long lost princess sister.

Alas, my legs remain and the tail never did eventuate but I can always live out my childhood dreams in cake, right?

I decided to use the giant cupcake mould to make the base shape of this cake, but you can also use 2 x 6″ round cakes, or a dolly varden cake tin to achieve the same shape. I love this cake because its a modern take on the ‘old school’ princess doll cake which incorporates lots of colour, a unique way to include our Ariel doll and the birthday girl (or boy!) gets Ariel as a mermaid until the cake is gone, then they get Ariel with her legs once the cake is all done! Much like the actual movie.

You can view the full video tutorial by clicking below, or you can just drool over the pics.

I used some of our Under the Sea fondant decorations to decorate the board and add some detail and colour – I love how colourful and ‘alive’ this cake turned out!

little mermaid 3

If you’ve ever made a dolly varden cake with a difference, I’d love to see it! You can share pics on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #mycupcakeaddiction – I’m always browsing the latest creations from my viewers and followers and I love to see the creative things you guys come up with.

little mermaid 4  IMG_4418

I hope you enjoyed this sweet and salty cake idea, and I apologise if Sebastian the crab’s “Under Da Sea” is now replaying over and over again in your head – it’ll last about 3 days 🙂

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Happy Caking!

xx Elise

9 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Cake Tutorial!

  1. Not sure if im commenting in the right place, but i would love to win the ice cream silicone cases as my little sisters 8th birthday is coming up and it would be great to have a go at using them for her party 🙂

  2. i simply love your work, you are an artist. you truly motivate me to bake and experiment. though many of the items are not available in my area but somehow you inspire me to work alternatively. Thank You soo veryyyyy much . i would be honored if i could learn from you more. I would like to have Cup Cake Addiction Recipe E-book. i just love your channel, and best wishes for your newly estd. Blog.

  3. My little girl that I baby sit I showed her this vidoe and she is always along for more my little mermaid hah what’s this about prizes the ice cream come sounds good.. 🙂 good job

  4. Hey
    My name is neidin mooney
    I love to bake a have bean waching your videos on you tube
    I would love a free e book I got the free copy all ready and it seams thAt there is a lot of good resape a in the book
    I would also love to win a cure Cors I live in Leland and there are not much cooker camps around
    I am 13 and would love to become a good at you some day but I need good resorses to help my get started

  5. Hey I am 12 years old and I have always been facinated in baking and combining wierd flavours but I never really thought about the decorating side of things. But then I saw your channel and you have given me loads of inspiration for creations. I have enjoyed coming up with more creative ways to decorate cakes. Over Christmas most of my family has birthdays, and I was in charge of making their cakes. My sisters birthday is on Boxing Day and I made a cake that looked like a pick’n’mix bag. For my dad I made a cake in the shape of a T-bone steak with marzipan fries and fondant peas and ketchup. For my grandads 70 birthday I made a massive teddy bear head cake because his name is ted! I guess my point is I want to thank you for inspiring me to do this. I would also like to say that I would be interested in getting one of those give away prizes preferably the e-recipe book because I would love some more inspiration. I almost forgot to say, I have a small dog biscuit making business and that combines all of my favorite things, dogs and baking. I have also sold a few of my creations and people love them I just wish I had more time to make them!!! Thank you again for all your helpfull videos and advice on how to make brilliant cakes!!xx

  6. I made the mermaid giant cupcake. I had so much fun. I also learned a lot on using fondant, many do’s and don’ts

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