I posted over 150 FREE Tutorials in 2013!

Phew – Did I count those correctly? If my poor overworked editing program has anything to say about it then, yes, yes I did count correctly.

OVER 150 tutorials were posted on my YouTube channel in 2013 as part of my 2012/2013 New Years resolution to maintain posting 3 x weekly videos for an entire year. Anyone who’s ever made a YouTube video before will know this is no small feat and I’m pretty proud of what I (along with my editor/husband) managed to achieve in just 12 months.

If you want to take a 2 minute walk down memory lane, here’s the full overview of what video tutorials were posted in 2013!

As well as this, I started a Spanish Youtube channel, MiAdiccionaCupcakes AND a Japanese Youtube channel, Cupcake Chudoku. Both channels are in full Spanish / Japanese and they post 3 & 2 videos each week respectively. That’s a total of 8 videos going up around the world every single week! Lucky I have a super comfy computer chair and a good pair of glasses.

In 2014 I’ll continue to post 3 x weekly videos with more of the things that YOU guys have told me you want to see. There will be more fondant modelling and techniques, more larger cakes such as giant cupcakes, pull apart cupcake cakes and some super cool illusion cakes, as well as the favourites you guys have loved throughout 2013 – cupcakes, cake pops and of course, anything RAINBOW!

2014 will also see the release of my much anticipated Cupcake Addiction Recipe Book – my favourite trade secret recipes shared for the first time ever in a super cool interactive ebook – Out motto? Read It, Watch It, Make it, Eat It!  I’ll be sure to post here when it’s available for download.

Whatever your resolutions are for 2013, I hope they involve health, happiness and sweet sweet cakes!

xx Elise


  1. Hi there i just love ur videos i have seen all ur videos n made every1 of cakes n cupcakes for my family n others n they lyk them so.much & thankz to i also watch copper n u to have made me luv makeing cakes n cupcakes tht nw my family dnt buy cakes they ask me to make them luv u for.tht,i hope u would do i live chat lyk copper,luv fem.ice crean cons

  2. Hi!! I am starting to use fondant and my fingers can’t make the design I want! I know amazing cake recipes and cake pops thanks to u!! You are an amazing baker. Also, very creative ,too!! I hope I win the clay sets ! I’m crossing my fingers ! (Is that jinxing it or bad luck idk) I just want the set so I can catch up with all of ur amazing work !

  3. I’m in America so the time u get this its late at night the comment I said before

  4. I will love to win the ebook or free class please my daughters birthday is coming up in 3 week this will helping so so much please please pick me please love all your videos keep on coming elise.. thank you

  5. I am truely grateful to you and yr videos. They r so informative and it doesn’t take u hours to get the message across especially for beginners as I once was. U helped me understand why the butter needs to be whipped for a long time in buttercream and how to come up with easy and gorgeous designs so thank u Elise

  6. Would love the recipe book, the masterclass or modelling tools!! Your great snd I love your videos. THANKS X

  7. Katherine says:

    Hi, i Love all the proyects you make and the way you explain. You are a great baker and you are very creative. Thanks for your videos. I hope I win the cone set. 😊

  8. Julie Smith says:

    You’re such a champion. I love your tutorials. Now I understand why they’re so professional!! Thank you ❤

  9. Hi I would love the class or you cupcake book

  10. Hi! I love watching all your YouTube video u have inspired me so much, I love your work. I would love to win a copy of your recipe book or the clay set!

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